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Pop-Up Video Displays | FREE Download | videohive 280055
Pop-Up Video Displays

2in1 Quick Logo sting and Full Video Display Opener Ultra modern, stylish opener with 8 video/image holders and 12 glossy, extruded titles. Also 2 extruded 3D logo placeholders which can also be replaced with titles. Retro picture frame or old TV set frame combined with modern Creampuff font, diagonal lines, background circle and distorted transition with tv noise and chroma aberration effect. Pictures animates-in with modern pop-up book type of animation. Unfolding 2D paper layers that forms 3D environment. Works great with both – images and videos. Can be used by designers, artists, photographers, broadcast stations, podcasters and many more. Perfectly synchronized with audio Break The Cycle by Dashitai Audio not included with the project but can be purchased separately for as low as 8$ However this project is created in 128BPM tempo and should go with other audio in the same speed. For more audios in 128bpm click here No third party plug-ins required. Don’t even require Cycore plug-ins – so this project will work even with Demo version of After Effects. Compatible with AE CS3 and newer. Bonus project: Quick Logo reveler 10sec long, one video/image placeholder, one title, one logo. Goes great with Three Variations Stinger by Dirtyflint. It’s not included with the project, but you can get it + bonus stuff that comes with it for as low as 5$ Alternative Old TV Frame included: You might also like See my other items

  • Price: $33
  • Tag: 3d, 8bit, broadcast, corporate, dubstep, extruded, funky, glitch, glossy, modern, pop-up, professional, quality, red, tv